Dynamic Ketamine and Infusions

Meet Our Expert Ketamine Therapy Team in Houston

Discover a brighter path to mental well-being at Dynamic Ketamine and Infusions. Our unique multidisciplinary team of experts in anesthesiology, general psychiatry, addiction psychiatry, psychiatric pharmacology, and psychotherapy is dedicated to delivering top-quality care. With cutting-edge treatments like ketamine infusions and a holistic approach tailored to your needs, we prioritize safety, efficacy, and your journey to healing. 

Dr. Adithya Joolukuntla (Dr. AJ), MD
Board-Certified Anesthesiologist

Dr. Adithya Joolukuntla is a dedicated anesthesiologist with extensive experience. Passionate about harnessing the therapeutic potential of ketamine, Dr. Joolukuntla now focuses on its groundbreaking applications for mental health. Under his care, patients can expect a compassionate approach and the latest evidence-based treatments to support their well-being and healing journey. Choose Dr. Joolukuntla for a partnership in your path to mental wellness


Dr. Leo Jav, MD
Board-Certified Anesthesiologist
Hailing from Houston, Texas, Dr. Leo Jav is a board certified anesthesiologist with specialized expertise in both Adult and Pediatric Anesthesia. Graduating from Texas A&M Medical School, he honed his skills during his residency at UTMB, Galveston. With years of anesthesia practice, Dr. Jav has emerged with expertise in IV ketamine therapy, driving innovation in mental health and pain management. His patient-centered approach reflects his dedication to comprehensive care.

Why Choose Us?​

Our Approach

Medical Leadership: Our clinic is led by an multidisciplinary team of board certified anesthesiologists and psychiatrists who have a deep understanding of ketamine therapy and its applications. This allows us to innovate the treatments with low-risk interventions.

Comprehensive Evaluation: We conduct thorough assessments to determine if ketamine therapy is a suitable option for you. Working as a team allows us to look at your medical and psychiatric history from different angles to ensure your health and safety.

Personalized Treatment: Your treatment plan is uniquely designed to address your specific mental health or chronic pain condition and individual needs. We offer evidence-based additives to our ketamine that can provide more rapid relief. 

Safe Environment: We provide a controlled, clinical setting where ketamine treatment is administered under the careful supervision of medical experts.