Dynamic Ketamine and Infusions

Advanced Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy Services in Houston

Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy is a groundbreaking therapeutic approach that combines the administration of ketamine with psychotherapeutic support. It can help optimize the benefits of ketamine by improving insight, emotional resilience, and provide longer lasting results. Here’s how it works:

  1. Schedule an initial consultation with our psychologist, Dr. Laney, through Alpenglow Psychology so she can get to know you. You may also use your own therapist. 
  2. Receive ketamine infusion
  3. Meet with Dr. Laney or your therapist for a session within 24-72 hours of receiving ketamine. 

Dr. Elizabeth Laney, PhD

I am a Clinical Psychologist with expertise in working with complex symptoms and diagnoses, such as trauma, complex PTSD, personality disorders, and identity confusion. I also work with individuals who have found that psychiatric medication alone has not provided relief from their long standing depression and anxiety. I offer once- or twice-weekly therapy to help people through these often difficult and confusing struggles, and can partner with other providers to ensure that patients are getting the full extent of care they need. I have been providing Ketamine-assisted therapy for the past 4 years on both an inpatient and outpatient basis. I highly value the dynamic elements that ketamine and other brain stimulation procedures can offer to the therapeutic process. Having worked with patients for over 15 years, I can offer a genuine, honest relationship to help you work through the difficulties that have brought you to a place of seeking out the added support of ketamine in your treatment. 

Licensed Clinical Psychologist #37738 (she/her)